Living in Prague

Arriving and living in Prague

Prague is easily accessible by most means of transport – do not forget to check for student discounts!

Most airlines operate direct flights to Prague International Airport, which is located very close to the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport. From the airport you can take a bus or a taxi – it will take you just 10 minutes to get to the Faculty.

When you arrive in Prague the International Student Advisor will be there to help you accommodate and answer any questions you might have.


Accommodation is provided in Charles University Halls of Residence. o­nly double-rooms are available. Bedding and bed linen are available, towels and kitchen utensils are not.

There are two types of rooms:

  1. unit system consisting of two double rooms sharing small kitchenette (hot plate and small fridge) and bathroom facilities

  2. double rooms with communal showers and kitchens at the end of each hall.

Please understand that Charles University is not the owner of the Halls of Residence, so, we, or you are not given the opportunity to choose which of them you would like to stay in. Halls of Residence are operated by the Halls of Residence Headquarters, which is an institution collaborating with all faculties of Charles University. The Faculty of Physical Education and Sport submit the application for your accommodation, which is decided o­n and allocated by the Headquarters.The final decision o­n allocation must be accepted and cannot be influenced by the faculty. The cost ranges from 3.000 to 5.500 CZK per month.

However, you can also rent a furnished flat by yourself or with other students. The rent depends o­n where the flat is located, how many students share it and the standard of the flat. The cost ranges from 7.000 to 15.000 CZK per month. Please, understand that assistance in renting a furnished flat cannot be provided by the Students Advisor, as the advisor is obliged to arrange for accommodation in the Halls of Residence o­nly.

If you desire to stay in a hotel, you will spend approximately 2000 CZK (*** hotels) up to 5000 CZK (**** hotels) per night. Incoming University-exchange professors may be offered comfortable self-catered accommodation o­n campus.


Have a look at your insurance before you leave, as you may have to take out additional, or a different insurance. You can also arrange the insurance in Prague. The insurance offered by an insurance company called Všeobecná zdravotní pojišťovna includes coverage for medical treatment and accident insurance. The cost of this insurance is approx. 12.000 CZK per o­ne year.

Health care

The doctor can be found at the Faculty, appointments to see him can be made Monday to Friday. If you need a special treatment or to consult a specialist speaking English, German or Russian, you will be sent to University Hospital Motol. This hospital with highly specialised wards and centres provides top-standard medical care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year, including all public holidays.In case of an emergency call 155 and ask for a doctor. It is advisable that any prescriptions or medicine should be brought from your home pharmacy in order to keep costs down. There is also a dentist at the Faculty, who will take care of your teeth at a reasonable cost. Please remember that all medical treatments must be covered financially in the Czech Republic, therefore, health insurance is necessary to avoid a direct payment.

Internet and e-mail

There is a “Computer Suite” at the Faculty with PCs for your use. The computers equipped with common word-processing are windows-operated and have a free internet and e-mail access. You will receive your own personal e-mail account and a password that allows you to use the Faculty computers. You can use PCs during the day and in the evening during the semester-time.


The Library has comfortable study space for 70 students, collection space for 300000 volumes and access to all electronic resources o­n the Internet and elsewhere. Curricural needs come first, then research needs and finally some leisure oriented materials and periodicals. Suggestions from students are also considered. The Library strives to reflect multiple viewpoints while respecting the main Faculty’s mission.


We recommend you to open a Czech bank account to enable you to transfer money from your home bank account and avoid high fees. Remember that you must bring your passport when you want to open an account.


Students that have mobile phones can buy a pre-paid sim-card, which can be refilled with calling credits at a low cost.

Transportation in Prague

The network of municipal buses, trams and subway (called METRO) has a wide and regular coverage. As a student you obtain a discounted transportation card (till the age of 26). Taking a taxi in Prague is quite expensive.

Sport and recreation

A broad program in physical education and sport provides students with the opportunity to participate at various levels of physical activity, encouraging students to develop both mind and body.

Whether you are a finely-tuned fitness freak in peak physical condition, or just looking for the occasional spot of exercise to atone for persistent over-indulgence, there is sure to be something for you. There is a facility o­n campus for fitness classes ranging from aerobic exercises to circuit training in a weight room.

The outdoor facilities consist of two multi-purpose courts, football practice field and athletic six-lane all-weather track with the sectors for field events.

The indoor facility provides a multigym, where all ball ballgames can be played.

Department of Outdoor Sports offers free skiing courses, and, adrenaline sport fans are provided with courses of sky diving, rock-climbing and paragliding offered by Department of Technical Sports.

Adjacent to the main Faculty building, there is a Squash Centre providing non-guided squash, wall-climbing and aerobics classes.

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