Accommodation is provided in Charles University Halls of Residence. O­nly double-rooms are available. Bedding and bed linen are provided, towels and kitchen utensils are not.

There are two types of rooms:

  • unit system consisting of two double rooms sharing small kitchenette (hot plate and small fridge) and bathroom facilities

  • double rooms with communal showers and kitchens at the end of each hall.

Please understand that Charles University is not the owner of the Halls of Residence, so we or you are not given the opportunity to choose which of them you would like to stay in. Halls of Residence are operated by the Halls of Residence Headquarters, which is an institution collaborating with all faculties of Charles University. The Faculty of Physical Education and Sport submit the application for your accommodation, which is decided o­n and allocated by the Headquarters. The final decision o­n allocation must be accepted and cannot be influenced by the faculty.

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