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Foreign language teaching has had a long tradition at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport of Charles University. Since the autumn 1989 events the language teaching and educational language programmes have seen great changes in the Czech Republic. Universities and faculties all over the country had to react to a great interest of students in intensive foreign language studies. Independent departments, centres and institutes of languages were founded. They began offering special language programmes linked to the subjects taught at the faculties. The management of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport arrived at the same decision and thus the Department of Languages was established in 1991. It became the youngest department of the faculty.

In the last few years there have been many significant changes in the conception, form and content of the foreign language teaching. The Department of Languages offers and arranges the instruction of compulsory subjects, required electives and electives for students of all full-time study branches. In cooperation with the Departments of Swimming, Athletics and Sport Games it also provides language programmes for specific purposes, which are aimed at coaches and their activities. The teachers of the faculty and its office staff are welcome to attend English and German courses taught by the members of the department.

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