About the Programme Physical Education and Sport

Why study Physical Education and Sport?

Physical education and sport closely linked with sport and exercise science is o­ne of the most rapidly advancing areas of life in general. As sport becomes more professionalised and commercionalised, the demand for scientific evidence to improve sport performance and physical fitness of the entire population has increased. Physical activity and exercise is considered vitally important for health, and, therefore, the fields of medicine, health promotion, education and industry take a deep interest in a quality exercise leadership and expertise in diverse areas such as anatomy, physiology, exercise physiology, biochemistry, sports biomechanics, or sports psychology and management.





Doctorate degree (Ph.D.)

Bachelor Degree (3 years full-time)

The programme aims to provide the students with outstanding employment prospects throughout the Czech Republic and abroad, considering a career as a sport and exercise scientist, either working directly with athletes (personal trainer or consultant) or for a career in higher education. 

This unique programme offers students a means of studying sport and exercise science in an exciting, practical and academic way. The content of the study is closely linked with the sport science work and research. 

At foundation level students take courses in Anatomy, Physiology, General and Sports Psychology, Biomechanics, Sports Pedagogy and Didactics, Principles of Coaching and Training.They also attend compulsory sport practicals in swimming, track and field athletics, gymnastics, volleyball, basketball, football and handball, skiing, skating, ice hockey, canoeing and kayaking. 

Students may explore areas of particular interests to them, through seminars, tutorials and assessments. There are optional field-related courses, which are linked to the practical sports contexts of students´ choice.

Master Degree (2 years full-time)

The applicants must have a bachelor degree in Physical Education involving equivalent professional qualification, which corresponds to our Bachelor programme. There is a compulsory research method course and students are required to undertake a tutored research project that usually forms a base for their Master thesis.

Study Profile

Graduates are qualified to work independently as P.E. teachers at primary, secondary and tertiary levels of educational system and at all levels of sport preparation. With their professional, teaching, socio-psychological and organizational competencies, the graduates are allowed to draw up individual and mass exercise/sport programmes, control the process and assess the effectiveness - in the educational system, recreational sport, competitive and elite sport. Their knowledge of methodology and didactics allows for modifying these programmes in practice and facilitates creative and individual applications in class, team or group leadership with distinctive approach to individuals at various levels of physical and mental development.

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