Admission requirements for the Academic Year 2018/2019

General and Faculty Requirements

Study Branches opened:

Physiotherapy – Bachelor

Physiotherapy – Master (post Bachelor)

Physical Education and Sport – Bachelor

Physical Education and Sport – Master (post Bachelor)

MA in Sport Ethics and Integrity - Master (post Bachelor)


You apply directly on our website by submitting the Online Application Form.

Application Deadline: the Application Form along with the supporting documents and the payment of the administrative fee must be submitted by 31st July.

Applicants who are required visa to study in the Czech Republic are advised to submit their Online Application as soon as possible to make sure their visa is processed on time. It is recommended to start the process of applying for the visa by the end of April.

Contact us for more information.

Please note that once the application has been completed, it must be submitted (by clicking on the “Send” button) in order to become valid.

Once you filled and sent the Online Application, a specific six-digit code linked to your application form will be generated, this code must be used as the specific symbol during the payment of the administrative fee. Once the payment is made, please send us the confirmation of payment to .

Supporting Documents for the Online Application:

Applicants for Bachelor and Master Study will normally submit supporting documents when completing the online application. Required documents are:

1) Sport’s Doctor Report – a confirmation that you are fit to study at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport. The report can be obtained at any Sports Clinic and Sports Doctor. When seeing the Sports Doctor you will undergo the ECG Stress Test. Based on the result the physician will write a statement whether or not you are fit to study at Sports University.

2) Certificate of educational background

Applicants for the Bachelor Degree Programme shall provide a certificated copy of a High School Certificate, along with a transcript of subjects studied. Please bear in mind that your qualification must be officially recognise - the Czech Republic recognition of a foreign secondary education.

Applicants for the Master Degree Programme shall provide a certified copy of Bachelor Degree Diploma in the branch of study in accordance with their choice. Please bear in mind that your qualification must be officially recognised - the Czech Republic recognition of a foreign Bachelor degree.

3) English Language Certificate – applicants are required to provide an internationally recognised certificate (e.g. IELTS, TOEFL) proving their level of English language skills. Applicant is expected to be at least at the level of B2 of the Common European Framework Reference.

We accept high school-leaving examination certificate or undergraduate degree-level qualifications awarded by schools and universities where teaching and assessments are conducted in English as a valid proof of English language skills.

4) Motivation letter – why you want to study with us?

5) Curriculum Vitae and Letter of Recommendation

Please note

All documents provided must be in Czech or English language, or officially translated into either of them.

Applicants for Bc.Coach and Bc.Fitness Coach are required to have basic skills in swimming, track and field, gymnastics and sport games. Ice-skating and skiing are an advantage.

For more details, contact our International Student Office: .

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