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Prague Public Transport

The Prague Integrated Transport system („PID“) is extensive and efficient. It consists of the following means of transport:

  • The Underground (Metro)

  • Trams

  • Buses

  • Ferry Services (6 routes across the Vltava River)

  • Suburban trains (within the city limits)

The Metro is generally the quickest way to travel long distances across the city. It has three lines: A (green), B (yellow) and C (red). It closes down for the night shortly after midnight and reopens at 5.00 a.m. Trams and buses connect to the Metro system to outlying areas, and are also a suitable way to make short journeys in the city centre. The most efficient form of night transport is the network of night trams that runs from about midnight until the Metro reopens. Night trams run very precisely with a 30-minute interval, and connect with each other at selected stops to facilitate passenger transfers. All night routes have two digits and begin with the number "5".

To find out more about the Prague Integrated Transport system in English in Prague (fares, list of routes and timetables), please visit:

To find bus or train connections inside the Czech Republic, please visit:  (switch to English/German in the right bottom corner)

Travel Passes

For regular use of Prague transport, it is possible to buy a season ticket (travel card). Passes are valid for unlimited travel on any bus, tram or metro line within the city area. They are also valid on some suburban train routes up to the city boundary.

With a Charles University student card, students up to 26 years of age qualify for a discounted season ticket, obtainable at special points at many underground (Metro) stops. The full travel document consists of: student ID card of the Charles University with the faculty coupon + the transport coupon for the given period of time.

Students above 26 years of age are not eligible for student discounts. In Prague, they must apply for the new transport pass – Opencard.

Travel Tickets

Alternatively, travel tickets for Prague PID are available from many newsstands and tobacconists, ticket offices in the metro, and from automatic machines in the metro and at selected bus and tram stops. Single tickets cost from 24 CZK to 32 CZK.

After boarding a bus, tram, or upon entering the metro, tickets must be validated (date-stamped) in order to be valid. A ticket is not valid without the time and date. Those travelling without a valid ticket may get an on-the-spot fine from the ticket inspectors.

Ticket Inspection

Tickets are not inspected as passengers get o­n or off public transport. However, plain-clothes ticket inspectors travel widely around the system, and frequently ask passengers to show their tickets or passes. Passengers who are travelling without a valid pass or ticket are subject to a fine, which must be paid o­n the spot. All officers carry both a metal badge and a photo-ID card ("průkaz"), which are numbered. The number o­n the two forms of ID should be identical. If fined, it is important to get a receipt.

IMPORTANT: If you travel without carrying your pass, you will not be fined at the full rate. In this case, it is important to inform the ticket inspector, receive a receipt and pay a lower fine at the central office of the transport’s agency. In Prague this agency is called Dopravní podnik and the address of its office is Na Bojišti 5 (5-minute-walk from Metro station I. P. Pavlova on C line).

Using Taxis

Unfortunately, taxi drivers have quite a bad reputation in Prague. There is no standard price for taxi services, but drivers are required to display their prices, usually on the door. A reasonable price is around CZK 28 per km, but it is advisable to agree on a price before you take a ride, and be sure that the meter is running while you are in the taxi. Three usually reliable companies whose dispatchers speak English are AAA RadioTaxi (tel. +420 222 333 222; 14014), ProfiTaxi (tel. +420 844 700 800, 14015), Halo Taxi (tel. +420 244 114 411).

Health care

Basic medical treatment is provided at the Faculty, and appointments to see the doctor can be made Monday to Friday. There is also a dentist at the Faculty. If students need special or emergency treatment or to consult a specialist speaking English, German or Russian, they will be advised to go to the University Hospital called Motol. This hospital, with highly specialised wards and centres, provides top-class medical care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year, including all public holidays. It is advisable that any prescriptions or medicine should be brought from your home pharmacy in order to keep costs down. Please remember that all medical treatments must be covered financially in the Czech Republic, so health insurance is necessary to avoid direct payment.

Emergency numbers: 155 (medical emergency) or 112 (general emergency number)

Medical Facilities in Prague                                  

Health Care at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport

Hospitals and English-Speaking Doctors

Block E, 1st Floor                                 

  • Dental Surgery        

  • General Practitioner (Doctor)                             

  • Institute for Preventive and Sports Medicine     


Nemocnice Motol

V Úvalu 84, Prague 5

Phone: 224 433 681 or 224 433 682 or 224 433 674

Nemocnice Na Homolce

Roentgenova 2, Prague 5,

Phone: 257 273 058 or 257 272 860

Vojenská nemocnice

U Vojenské nemocnice 1200, Prague 6

Phone: 973 208 333 or 973 203 0


We recommend that students open a Czech bank account, which enables transfer of money from their home bank account, so that high fees can be avoided. For opening an account, students need a passport. Most banks are open Mon-Fri  9-5.


Mobile phone pre-paid sim-cards are available, with low-cost top-ups.

International code for Czech Republic:  00 + 420 + xxx xxx xxx

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