There are two types of accommodation that are generally recommended for Erasmus+ students – Charles University Halls of Residence and private accommodation. Charles University in Prague arranges only accommodation in the Halls of Residence. If students choose to stay in private accommodation, they must arrange it themselves.

Halls of Residence

Charles University Halls of Residence provide accommodation in double rooms only.  Bedding and bed linen are available, but the students must provide other items such as, for example, towels and kitchen utensils.

There are two types of rooms:

  1. A unit system consisting of two double rooms sharing a small kitchenette (hot plate and small fridge) and bathroom facilities.

  2. Double rooms with communal showers and kitchens at the end of each hall.

The cost ranges from 3.000 to 5.500 CZK per month.

Charles University in Prague is not the owner of the Halls of Residence, so it is not possible to choose which of the Halls of Residence you will stay in. Halls of Residence are operated by the Halls of Residence Headquarters, which is an institution collaborating with all faculties of Charles University in Prague. The Faculty of Physical Education and Sport submits an application for the student’s accommodation, which is decided o­n and allocated by Headquarters. The final decision o­n allocation must be accepted and cannot be influenced by the Faculty.

Accommodation will be provided for the period corresponding to the student’s length of study stay at the Faculty. Rooms are always available starting approximately one week before the beginning of the semester/study period.

If students choose to stay at the Halls of Residence, they will receive details of the allocated accommodation in an Accommodation Voucher and a Letter of Admission.

To check-in students will need: a valid passport, the original of the Accommodation Voucher, and a recent photograph.

Private accommodation

The Faculty does not provide or allocate private accommodation, nor assists students in finding it.

However, students may choose to rent or share a private furnished flat with other students. The rent depends o­n the location of the particular flat, the number of students sharing it and the standard of the flat. The cost ranges from 7.000 to 15.000 CZK per month.

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