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2 April 2020


The Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic has a website dedicated to the coronavirus crisis. The latest figures.

Updated on April 2, 2020, at 6:30 pm. There are 3,805 confirmed Covid-19 cases across the country with 60,990 people having been tested. Forty-four people have died from the illness. A number of patients remain in serious or critical condition while 67 patients have made a full recovery.

In Czech, the page features information showing the overall number of people who have tested positive, how these numbers are represented across the country's 14 regions and more. Basic updates and guidelines are available in English here.

Charles University is closely monitoring developments regarding the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus, following the latest reports and providing updates. CLASSES HAVED BEEN CANCELLED: SEE HERE.

If you have questions about the coronavirus epidemic, write to or call to +420 224 491 850 (Monday–Thursday 8:00–17:00, Friday 8:00–16:00).

Questions and answers in relation to the coronavirus in the Czech Republic (Czech Ministry of Health)

Questions and answers in relation to the coronavirus in the Czech Republic (Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

General recommendations

The Czech Republic's Health Ministry has issued a set of basic guidelines in line with those set by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as well as the ECDC in Europe and the CDC in the United States.

  • Avoid close contact with people who are sick.

  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth.

  • Wash your hands often with soap and water.

  • Use hand sanitiser as disinfectant if coming into contact with anyone with respiratory illness.

  • Avoid crowded areas.

  • Individuals suffering from respiratory illnesses should take care when blowing their nose, and cover their mouth when sneezing, using tissues and disposing of those in the wastebasket.

  • Healthcare workers need to be diligent and protect themselves when treating others.

Source: WHO, Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic, ČT24

Where to find information

Find the latest information in Czech and English about COVID-19 at the following websites:

In English:

Recommendations by the Ministry of Health for citizens of the Czech Republic and other persons returning from affected regions

Protective measures by the Ministry of Health cancel flights from South Korea and northern Italy due to the spread of the coronavirus

World Health Organisation (WHO):


Research information (WHO):


The newest study of the coronavirus (Nature):


Anti-hoax page (AFP):


In Czech:

Aktuální informace k nemoci Covid-19


Aktuální informace o epidemii COVID-19 způsobené koronavirem SARS-CoV-2


Mapa celosvětového výskytu


Zasedání ústřední epidemiologické komise (Ministerstvo zdravotnictví)


Česká televize (online ČT24):


Česká televize (přehled ČT):


On-line zpravodajství o koronaviru (ČRo):


Text: Václav Hájek

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How long will classes remain cancelled?

In-person classes have shifted to online and distance-learning-tools. The COVID-19 situation is evolving and it is hard to predict when regular classes will resume. However, schools will be reopened as one of the last steps when withdrawing the protective measures set by the government.

For more information for students, see here.

Are there any changes in the academic year schedule?

The teaching period will be extended by 1 to 4 weeks depending on the faculty and the type of the degree programme. At all faculties, the examination period will be modified so that it will last throughout the month of July, and then in September at least until 18 September. All faculties can adjust (change or postpone) deadlines independently.

As for the submission of final theses, all faculties can adjust (change or postpone) deadlines independently. The Rector's Day on 6 May is cancelled.

For more information for students, see here.

Will exams continue?

Examinations and other checks for the subject of degree programmes can be sat remotely.

Study checks – the testing of large groups (group written exams) - have been discontinued until further notice.

Will final state exams take place?

At present, we do not allow the sitting of final exams in distance form (e.g. via video call). We assume that they will take place in a standard manner after the emergency measures have ended. If it is necessary to postpone the final state examinations, the new deadlines will be announced at least one month in advance. Charles University and Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports are considering to possibility of holding state final examinations remotely, such option will be announced here at News and by faculties with more detailed information. 

Will there be any alterations of entrance exam dates?

The May and June dates of the entrance examinations, set for the period from 10 May (inclusive) and beyond, are at this moment still valid according to the announced conditions for the admission procedure. Entrance exams that were scheduled to take place before 10 May will be postponed and new dates for them will be announced in due course. However, further changes may occur depending on the development of the crisis situation. You will be informed about any changes through the faculties (via the university's electronic information system and on the websites of the individual faculties) at all times.

Following the postponements of school-leaving examinations under consideration, please note that you can take the entrance exams even if you do not hold a school-leaving diploma at that time. This must then be completed before you can enrol for study at Charles University.

Where can I find the contact person at my faculty?

Persons to contact at the individual faculties and related offices at Charles University are listed here (scroll down).

Will Charles University libraries stay open?

Each faculty has their own measures regarding their libraries. For more information, please visit websites of faculties/faculty libraries.

Can I have a consultation with a teacher?

Distance learning, e-mail or phone consultations are recommended. Discuss the individual options with your faculty and teachers.

Are there any changes in the number of credits for progress to the next stage of study?

Due to ongoing distance learning we are not currently considering changing the rules on the number of credits that must be earned to advance to the next stage of study.

I would like to help as a volunteer. Where can I find more information?

Information on offers and requests for volunteer work is published here.

Will student residence halls and refectories remain open?

Student residences shall continue to operate.

All students are asked not to gather, to comply with strict hygiene rules, and to behave in a responsible manner both to themselves and to others.

With effect from 17 March 2020 only the Kajetánka Refectory shall be in operation (offer cooked food).

Food shall be delivered to the following dispensing points:

  • Albertov

  • Sport

  • HTF

  • Jinonice

  • Hvězda

  • U Rotlevů

The Snídárna at the Komenského Student Residence shall remain in operation.

Discussions on continuing the operation of refectories and dispensing points in Pilsen and Hradec Králové are ongoing.

Operation in all buffets shall cease.

Updated information here.

Will the graduation ceremonies take place?

All graduation ceremonies have been cancelled for the time being and will be rescheduled when appropriate. Students requiring their diploma before then will be able to pick it up from their faculty's student affairs office. Those who pick up their diplomas early will still be able to take part in the official ceremony later.

Will the preparatory courses continue?

These courses have been discontinued. For more information please contact the admissions office of the respective faculty.

Will the courses of Institute for Language and Preparatory Studies take place?

There are no classes at the moment. As of 16 March 2020 study and tuition will continue in the form of assignments, by e-mail or by phone conversation.

Can I travel during the State of Emergency?

For up-to-date information (as of March 16th) on travelling during the State of Emergency, see the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic.

Due to the State of Emergency, Czech citizens are prevented from leaving the country. If you are a citizen of a different country, you may leave the Czech Republic. However, the situation evolves every day, so please note that you may face certain difficulties when coming back or even when leaving the country.

During the state of emergency you are allowed into the Czech Republic if you are 1) a Czech citizen OR 2) other national with permanent or temporarily residence permit in the Czech Republic.

I have returned from a high risk country - what should I do?

Updated list of high risk countries.

Due to the State of Emergency, you are required to stay in a 14-day quarantine and contact a GP/Medical Doctor or Paediatrician. It is advisable to do so by phone. You may try the Foreign Department of Motol University Hospital, Adult’s Reception phone numbers: 224 433 682, 224 433 681, 224 433 674 or an e-mail:

You can also try to contact the line of Prague Health Station directly at these telephone numbers every day - 8.00 - 21.00: +420 773 782 856 or +420 773 782 850, please be patient since there are a lot of people who need information.

In case you start feeling seriously ill, call the emergency line 112 or 155. Please be aware that these numbers should be only used in life-threatening situations or cases of serious health problems or complications.

I am not feeling well and I have just returned from abroad (not from a risk area country). What should I do?

Please monitor your health condition for at least 2 weeks. Try to relax, drink lots of liquids, provide yourself with vitamins and try to stay away from the crowd. Do not forget to wear the protective mask when in touch with other people when at work, shopping or walking out. If you experience respiratory disease symptoms or you have a high temperature, stay at home, limit contact with others and contact your doctor by telephone. He or she will organise further provision of medical care in cooperation with the regional hygiene station.

Will exam dates be rescheduled?

We expect that final state exams will follow standard procedure after the emergency measures are lifted. In the event that the exams will have to be postponed, the alternative will be announced at least one month in advance. We are also putting together special regulations which will allow students to take the exams remotely – something that is not allowed currently. It will be up to individual faculties, however, to decide whether to offer the option.

Will the semester be extended?

At this time, we are not considering extending the academic year but certain modifications were made to the academic schedule for 2019/20. Faculties have permission to make changes to the exam period as well as to prolong classes. The current academic year, however, remains unchanged: 30 September 2020. We hope to complete the current academic year on time and to start the new academic year according to standard procedure.

When will students learn exact new exam dates?

It is a requirement that the period of the final state exams must be announced at least one month in advance. The exact date and time of the exam must be announced at last one week beforehand. The period for final state exams may last longer than two weeks.

Persons to contact at individual faculties and related offices at Charles University




Phone (+420)


Eva Procházková


737 272 242


Eva Svobodová


604 535 193


Jiří Navrátil


773 791 542


David Kohout


221 005 334


Eva Žáková


606 248 810


Milan Trojánek


728 417 055


Jiří Beneš


603 479 070


Dana Müllerová


606 369 999


Jiří Manďák


777 602 677


Hana Krieglerová


495 067 429


Kateřina Duspivová


495 067 641




Karel Mozr


602 740 635


Tomáš Jančák

Dana Macharová

Dana Lanková




951 551 298

951 551 254

951 551 414


Tomáš Bederka


607 860 106


Ivana Kočová


725 243 170


Ondřej Blažek

Lukáš Budín



222 112 136

222 112 254


Radim Zelenka


603 170 774


Pavla Šínová


251 080 212



N Karolinum

Petr Valo


602 450 191


C Krystal

Ú knihovna

Radka Římanová


603 912 002


Ondřej Rydval


601 301 247

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