Dear applicants,

The Faculty of Physical Education and Sport (hereinafter referred to as CU FTVS) is a university institution that develops social science, biomedical, pedagogical and branch disciplines belonging to the scientific field of kinanthropology and biomechanics.

In the field of education, the faculty focuses on the professional training of future high school and university teachers, coaches, instructors, physiotherapists, managers, managers and other experts in physical and health education, recreational, performance and professional sports for specific educational environments at various levels of state and public administration and in the private sector.

In its research activities, the faculty focuses on research into biological, psychological and social aspects of human physical activity, as well as research into the conditions, course and effects of teaching, training, health reconditioning and physiotherapy in a specific educational environment and in various population groups. One of the educational goals of the faculty is to involve students in solving research tasks of departments and laboratories.

The faculty offers health care and meals to all students, as well as a limited capacity of dormitory accommodation on the premises of the Charles University FTVS.

Applicants must demonstrate physical and professional prerequisites corresponding to the requirements of individual study fields of Charles University FTVS.

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