Welcome to the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport (FTVS) website! We are delighted to provide you with information about our exciting opportunities for international applicants.

As an international applicant, you can choose to study at FTVS through the Erasmus program, as a full course study, Ph.D. Students or other options.

Erasmus program allows you to spend either one or two semesters with us, immersing yourself in our dynamic academic environment and experiencing the vibrant cultural scene of Prague.

Alternatively, if you prefer a more comprehensive academic experience, you have the option to join FTVS as a full course study. for the entire duration of your studies. This choice grants you the opportunity to delve deep into our curriculum, engage with our expert faculty, and fully embrace the academic and extracurricular offerings available at our faculty.

Last change: June 26, 2023 12:58 
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