International Students Team

International Student Team

Our International Team at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport (FTVS) was established in early 2022 with the goal of creating a vibrant and inclusive community for international students. Since its inception, our team has grown exponentially, currently comprising 20 dedicated members who are passionate about fostering a positive experience for international students at FTVS.

One of our core activities is organizing regular sports events that take place every week. We believe in the power of physical activity to bring people together, promote well-being, and create lasting friendships. Every Monday, we gather for a lively basketball session where students can showcase their skills and compete in friendly matches. On Wednesdays, we shift gears and focus on volleyball, setting up thrilling games that test players' teamwork and agility.

In addition to these weekly sports events, we have introduced a monthly initiative called the Mind Run. This event provides an opportunity for students, both international and local, to go for a refreshing run together. It serves as a much-needed break from academic routines and a chance to clear one's mind while enjoying the scenic surroundings of our campus. The Mind Run promotes a healthy lifestyle and encourages participants to engage in physical activity as a means of self-care and stress relief.

Beyond sports, our International Team has successfully organized various tournaments and charitable initiatives. We have hosted futsal, basketball, and volleyball tournaments that bring together teams from different backgrounds, fostering a sense of friendly competition and camaraderie. Moreover, we have collaborated with the Erasmus Student Network (ESN) to organize the International Erasmus Games, a multi-sport event that celebrates cultural diversity and unity among international students.

In terms of community engagement and social responsibility, we take pride in our two charity runs: Hřeje mě pohyb. The first run was a cross-border endeavor, spanning from Brussels to Kyiv, aimed at raising funds and support for Ukraine, which has been affected by ongoing conflicts. The second run took participants from Prague to Ankara, collecting donations for earthquake-stricken regions. These charity runs not only promote physical fitness but also emphasize the importance of solidarity and compassion.

Apart from sports and charity events, we organize various non-sporting activities to enrich the cultural experience of our international students. We host an International Dinner where participants can share traditional dishes from their home countries, fostering cross-cultural exchange and appreciation. During festive seasons, such as Christmas, we organize a special dinner event, creating a warm and welcoming environment for students who are away from their families during the holidays. Additionally, we arrange exciting outings, including a cycling trip and an orienteering run in the heart of Prague, allowing students to explore the city's landmarks and hidden gems.

These events are just a glimpse of what our International Team at FTVS has to offer. We continuously strive to create a vibrant and supportive community that enhances the overall experience of studying at our faculty. We look forward to welcoming you to our dynamic and diverse team and sharing many more unforgettable moments together.

In addition to our event organization, our International Team is actively engaged on Instagram. You can find us at International.prague.ftvs, where we share updates on the latest happenings both within and outside the faculty. We provide glimpses into our sports events, cultural activities, charity initiatives, and other exciting ventures. Following our Instagram account is a great way to stay connected and informed about all the engaging opportunities available at FTVS.

Moreover, our team is always here to support you. We understand that adjusting to a new environment and studying abroad can come with its own set of challenges. That's why we emphasize our role as a helpful resource for international students. Whether you need assistance with academic matters, advice on navigating the local culture, or simply someone to talk to, our team is readily available to lend a helping hand. We are committed to ensuring that your experience at FTVS is fulfilling and enjoyable.

Don't hesitate to reach out to us whenever you need assistance or have any questions. We are dedicated to making your time at FTVS memorable, both academically and socially.

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