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31 March 2020

Charles University libraries advise on how to study from home

Obtaining CAS password online

If you are having difficulties with your password, follow the guides available at https://ldapuser.cuni.cz/language/switch?lang=en.

You can contact our online support by clicking on “Solve problem with Central Authentication” link in the “Information and support” section.

Central e-learning support

E-learning Support Center has prepared a brief manual on how to switch cancelled in-class lectures to online learning enviroment.

Furthermore, the Center also operates a web portal where academics can find basic information on available institutional tools for online learning as well as news regarding trainings or useful overviews (e.g. of webinar tools).

In case you need any assistance, we are available at .

Access to e-resources from home

All students and other employees of Charles University have access to a wide range of electronic information resources – see CU eResources Portal at https://eresources.cuni.cz. For accessing e-resources from your home, you need to know your login credentials from the Charles University Authentication Service.

At the eResources Portal, you can view the resources by a faculty/unit or by subject. In a separate section, users can find the current offer of free trials, which has grown significantly as a result of special offers from several producers following the COVID-19 emergency measures.

In case you need any assistance, we are available at .

CU libraries and loans

The decision to completely close or restrict the operations of individual CU libraries and study rooms depends on the management of faculties or other units. For more information please visit websites of faculties/faculty libraries.

All CU libraries currently provide users with online referencing services, and they help with literature searches. Some libraries are also involved in supporting e-learning at their faculties.

If you are looking for a particular book that would normally be physically available in your departmental library, you can check the University eBooks Portal to see whether the University has access to an electronic version. Likewise, you can look for available electronic periodicals at the eJournals Portal.

In regards to the current situation, all loans from CU libraries were extended until May 15, 2020 and overdue fees will not accrue during the period from March 11 to May 15, 2020.

The Czech National Library grants access to hundreds of thousands of titles

Following an agreement between the Czech National Library and DILIA (the collective copyright manager), more than 206,000 titles of monographs and periodicals from the collections of the Czech National Library and the Moravian Library are available online. All students and academics of both public and private universities can access the digitised collections via Kramerius.

More information can be found at the National Library website.

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