Programme/Branch characteristic

The study program is implemented within the scientific field of Kinanthropology. Research in Kinanthropology deals with the complex effects of intentional and spontaneous physical activity on the development of human personality in the bio-psycho-social context and conditions of the environment of physical education and sport, physiotherapy, health physical education, including their effective management. Kinanthropology, therefore, represents an interdisciplinary field requiring variability of the approach to solving research problems, in which a systemic approach with an accent on methodology has long been emphasized.

The postgraduate demonstrates a deep and systematic understanding of the scientific field of Kinanthropology and orientation in a broader scientific basis. According to the dissertation's focus, the postgraduate handles research methods. He demonstrates the ability of independent research work, academic and professional integrity, and compliance with scientific work principles. The graduate can critically analyze existing knowledge in the field of science and can communicate with the international scientific community on issues related to its narrower specialization and the broader social context, especially in the transfer of research knowledge into practice. As part of his studies, he created a work that contributed to expanding the boundaries of knowledge in Kinanthropology and part of which he presented at the national or international level. The postgraduate is also sufficiently linguistically equipped and can publish and present the results of his scientific work at the national and international levels within their own specific topic.

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