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15 November 2023

Students from Ghent University present innovative public health projects

Two doctoral students from Belgium's Ghent University showcased their public health-focused projects during their internships, aimed at the older population.

Iris Maes shared ongoing results of her ambitious project, focusing on identifying the determinants and stimulants of physical activity among the older population. Her work aims to recognize factors that can positiely influence seniors' physical activity, thereby contributing to an improved quality of their life.

The second presenter, Laura Van de Velde, delved into her project "Stand up seniors," which focuses on understanding the lifestyle habits of older people. Laura analyzes various aspects of the daily life of this target group to find out how their lifestyle habits can be adjusted to support healthier and more active aging.

These projects have inspired faculty staff and students, bringing new perspectives and approaches to public health issues, especially crucial for an increasingly aging population. We are proud to be part of this international collaboration and contribute to research that has a real impact on society.

We thank both students for their inspirational lectures and look forward to further collaboration and the results of their research.

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