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1 October 2023

Volunteers at CU

For the first time in its history, Charles University will host two international volunteers as part of the European Solidarity Corps program. Our faculty will host them during the academic year 2023/2024 .

The aim of the European Solidarity Corps is to offer young people the opportunity to help those in need, to take part in solving societal problems and to work for a more inclusive society. At the same time, it offers the opportunity to gain new skills and work experience, which will improve their position in the labour market.

Inclusion and diversity, sustainability, digitization and youth participation; these are the priorities of the European Solidarity Corps program in 2021 - 2027.

We are very happy to welcome Anas from Morocco and Olivia from Norway as our first volunteers.

Anas comes from Morocco. He loves doing sports and being active, therefore the choice to sign up for the volunteering program was obvious for him. He is devoted to basketball, actively competes and would like to continue with it after his arrival. He considers cooperation with students and spreading a good practise of a volunteer as really important and is looking forward to be able to present his observations to all students.

Olivia is originally from Norway. In recent years, she studied at FTVS UK and fell in love with the faculty. After the offer of the volunteering program was posted, she was excited and did not hesitate to apply. Became a serious candidate and went through the selection until the happy end. She is interested in sports science, likes to participate in interactive activities and is looking forward to getting to know all the students. Considers the acquisition of communication in a foreign language to be his greatest expectation, she has been learning the Czech language as well and wants to improve her personal key competence.

The main activity of our volunteers will be the promotion of volunteering itself and benefits for Charles University students through the organization of their own activities. Presenting volunteering as an intercultural and international way of self-realization, raising awareness about volunteering and youth values provided by the European Commission - all this will be the volunteers' job. Among other things, they will cooperate with the International Student Team and the International Student office, will be involved in the organization of faculty events such as Sport Unites, Mind Run, Intercultural Evenings and others. They will also experience supporting UK Point team in Celetná st. and the International Student Office located at our faculty.

We believe in creating a friendly international environment and enriching both volunteers, students, employees and public. We invite you to follow Anas and Olivia's journey with us, they are happy to share with you.

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