Human Movement Laboratory is the leading research institute in the field of physical and sporting activities and exercise physiology. The tasks related to evaluation of the training status as a result of applied physical activities, the body composition, the aerobic and anaerobic assumptions, the movement regime, and the interventional motion programs are processed. We also deal with the management of sports training, sports talent selection criteria, assessment of the state of muscular system and power level assumptions, 2D and 3D motion analysis and evaluation activities flexibility chosen joint connection.

The laboratory's clients are not only coaches and athletes, but also individuals with health restrictions and people without regular physical training. There are extensive studies of selected groups of patients and seniors. The laboratory also solves or experimentally carries out a number of diploma theses and cooperates with other departments of the faculty.

In addition to permanent staff, a number of full-time and distance PDS students is working in the lab. The laboratory staff cooperate with a wide range of domestic and foreign institutions, publish in Czech and foreign professional periodicals and lecture regularly both in the Czech Republic and abroad. Their activities contribute significantly to the academic and pedagogical performance of the faculty.

If you have any questions, please call or send us and email to the secretariat of the department (contact).

You will get accurate information if you contact a person responsible for the given equipment.

We look forward to your visit!

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