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The teaching of physiotherapy at the Charles University Faculty of Physical Education and Sport was started in 1982 as the first university study in this field in the territory of the former Czechoslovakia.

The Department of Physiotherapy is part of UK FTVS and helps to fulfil the strategic objectives set by the Faculty in its educational, scientific, research, creative and complementary activities, including internationalisation and promotion.

The main objective is educational activities, particularly in the Bachelor's degree programme in Physiotherapy, Orthotist - Prosthetist and the follow-up Master's degree programme in Applied Physiotherapy in both language options, together with the provision of teaching including clinical work placement.

The research plans of the department fulfill the plan of development of creative activity in the scientific field

"Sport Sciences - Biomedical & Rehabilitation Medicine".

The Department of Physiotherapy, as a complementary activity, ensures the operation of a medical facility (physiotherapy outpatient clinic), the founder of which is Charles University.

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