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Outdoor education and various adventure programmes are an integral part of a large range of experience-based activities. The area of outdoor sports and outdoor activities, as well as activities in artificial adventure environment, attracts both youth and adults. Many organizations, schools and individuals include outdoor activities in their programmes and daily routine. This phenomenon has been observed at FTVS since the 1960s. Since 1965 the Department of Turistika and Outdoor Sports taugth the broadly conceived specialization "Turistika", later sports and outdoor activities became briefly included in the specialization "Physical recreation" and then returned back to the name of "Turistika", which was changed in 1992 to the specialization "Sports in nature" and later to the specialization "Adventure Education and Outdoor Leadership". Currently is the module "Outdoor Activities" accredited in the field of study of PE. Over time, the department has gained a solid professional position in the European and global context. Often we were asked to open a special study programmes which are based on our study subjects and specializations.

The aim of “Outdoor Activities” module

“Outdoor Activities” module aims to prepare students for work in schools, homes of children and youth, travel agencies and "outdoor agencies". Students will gain knowledge, skills and experience in management learning and variety of outdoor activities in artificial adventure environments.

"During your study you will get to know people from your surroundings from a different angle, you will have to deal with difficult situations that teachers will prepare for you. You will see mountains, water, you can play, but you have to learn something as well."


In relation to other subjects of social, biomedical and sports departments students will get competencies for creative work in schools of all types, management and leadership programmes in the homes of children and youth and leisure centers, in many civic associations and organizations. Graduates will apply in active tourism and commercial organizations offering training. Graduates will also receive impulses for self-employment in physical education services. Given the ever increasing popularity of areas that include Anglo-Saxon countries under the names "Outdoor Activities - Outdoor Studies", "Outdoor and adventure education", "Outdoor environmental education" and "Outdoor Industry", it is a good chance for graduates in abroad.

What can students expect?

  • Completion of quality basic skiing courses, turistika and outdoor sports courses and of course water sports.

  • Extension of knowledge, skills and performance of the core courses in compulsory elective subjects. Completion of these items will bring memorable experiences that enrich lives.

  • Preparation and management of different types of games, including games that support teamwork and communication.

  • Control and applications of various kinds of obstacles that support learning and personal development.

  • Gain valuable and wonderful experience of a free journey on foot, bike, cross country skiing and ski touring in the Czech Republic and abroad.

  • Mastering a wide range of climbing skills on artificial walls, bouldering and climbing on the rocks and in high mountains.

  • Experiencing adventure-based courses bringing clasical programmes of outdoor education and outdoor life and also outdoor training.

Studying this direction you can obtain a number of other advantages:

  • Partial qualification of selected sports (skiing, rafting, climbing, ropes course, etc.)

  • The possibility of using a unique collection of scientific literature.

  • Opening pathways to study and stay in the best foreign schools and institutions.

  • Application of skills in independent work in project management and various types of courses.

  • The best quality equipment and safety rules for managing all activities undertaken.

  • The possibility of cooperation on various projects of the Department Turistika and Outdoor Sports.

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