Visa to study in the Czech Republic

EU students

(and Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland, and to nationals of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland who are covered by Part Two of the Withdrawal Agreement)

Students from EU/EEA countries and Switzerland are exempt from student visa requirements. They can travel to the Czech republic with a valid passport or ID.

EU students are, however, within 30 days of entering the Czech Republic, required to regiester with the Foreign Police Department. This obligation does not apply if student stays in student dormitories.

Students from other countries outside of EU

Other than EU countries residents need to apply for VISA. This proccess can tak up to 60 days, so we recommend to apply before arrival. The type of VISA varies depending on the length of your stay. For more information, consult or follow Student´s Charles university guide

Visa and entry formalities

Information on immigration for citizens of Ukraine

Last change: April 19, 2022 16:23 
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