Living in Prague

Cost of Living

The cost of living in the Czech Republic is on average comparable to that of other Central European countries. A single student is advised to have available at least 8 500 CZK (approx. €330) per month to cover food, transportation and accommodation.

Be aware that the rent varies depending on whether you stay at the Charles University Dormitory or in a private accommodation and if you share the flat or not. The final cost of your living, of course, depends on your personal spending habits.

The following costs are broken down by month, assuming you will be accommodated in university dormitory. You can calculate your estimated budget based on how long you will be in Prague. These costs do not include tuition fees.




Internet & mob. phone

Stationery & text books


3 500 CZK

4 500 CZK

250 CZK

450 CZK

350 CZK

600 CZK

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