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The mission of the department is to educate students in movement activities of a gymnastic and contact-fighting nature. The department develops competencies in the creation of exercise programs for a wide range of target groups and the application of acquired knowledge and skills in pedagogical and coaching practice. 

Selected gymnastic subjects are focused on the cultivation of movement expression, on the aesthetic concept of movement activity and the experience of movement as compensation for the current lifestyle. Furthermore, the creation and verification of the effectiveness of programs focused on the prevention of injuries and muscle imbalances, on influencing the components of physical fitness and motor-functional prerequisites and, last but not least, on music-movement education. 

The subjects provided by the department are focused on the training process in gymnastics and combat sports, in the field of sports for all and elite sports, including applications for people with specific needs. Another area is also the usability of combat skills in self-defense as maintaining an optimal level of perception of own safety and also implementation combatives in strength and conditioning training.  

Research and scientific-publication activities are focused on examining the quality of movement and on selected aspects of sports performance in gymnastics and combat sports, on pedagogical research of these disciplines in school physical education. Another focus is monitoring the impact of professional/amateur sports on the quality of life. 

Additional activities of the department are aimed at supporting quality practice that reflects the current requirements of society, modernization of teaching and implementation of new teaching procedures in courses accredited by the Ministry of Education Youth and Sports.  

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