Faculty offers the opportunity for internships/ traineeship. They are primarlily recommended to PhD. students who are interested in conducting their research in the area of Kinanthropology. However, Internships may also be possible for Bachelor or Master students.

Internships depends on the availability of a suitable teachers specialized in the research area.

If you are interested, you can see details on this link and contact the Faculty coordinator for Erasmus+ internship at who can also help you to find a supervisor.

Please understand there is an online process of application (see the link above). Nevertheless, there are deadlines of application and Internship can not be administrated in shorter time period:

EU/EFTA countries citizens: 1 month before the start

non EU/ EFTA countries citizens (who needs VISA): 3 months before the start

As an traineeship participiant, you will be entitled as a student and you can benefit from student's discounts, stay at Charles Halls Residence, use libraries etc.

PhD Kinanropology programme

Kinanthropology focuses on the interdisciplinary study of human movement, with respect to Physical Education, sport, recreation, rehabilitation and physiotherapy. It includes areas such as psycho-social and biological determinants of an active lifestyle, psycho-social functions of physical activities, values and ethics of sport as a part of the quality of life, etc.

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