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You can apply for studies at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport of Charles University (CZ PRAHA07) as an exchange student for one semester or two semesters in case your home university is a partner university and have a bilateral agreement. You should first apply through your home university to be nominated as Erasmus student.

Application Procedure

1. to be nominated by your home university Erasmus+ coordinator

2. to fill in Charles University on-line registration


3. to print 2 documents generated by the on-line registration (Application Form + Learning Agreement) and get them stamped and signed by your Erasmus+ coordinator

4. to send the documents either to the faculty coordinator or to the European Office of Charles University per post or via e-mail

Application deadlines

For 1st semester 15 June

For 2nd semester 31 October

Please read more information on the website of Charles University:


Faculty offers theoretical and practical courses in English from the Bachelor programmes of Coach and Fitness Coach (Sports area, including selected courses of Sport Management) and Physiotherapy and from Master programme of Physiotherapy.

Lists of Courses for Academic Year 2019/2020:

Important information:

  • Courses offered in both semesters contain the same activities

  • Courses will be taught only with the minimum of 10 students enrolled

  • Some courses have a limited capacity (usually maximum of 15 or 20)

  • After arrival all the students will do the enrolment of selected courses (it is not possible to see the schedule before the enrolment)

Sport’s Doctor Report

A confirmation that you are fit to study at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport must be sent by all applicants in case of choosing any Practical Sport or Physical Education Course. The report can be obtained at any Sports Clinic and Sports Doctor. When seeing the Sports Doctor you will undergo the ECG Stress Test. Based on the result the physician will write a statement whether or not you are fit to study at Sports University. The certificate in English or Czech language should be sent together with the paper form of Your application or per e-mail. Remember You won’t be accepted for the study stay before we receive the certificate.

After Arrival

All students have to be present at the faculty Introductional Meeting which will take place during the week before the semester starts. The details will be specified by Erasmus coordinator of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport.

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