The most common questions incoming students ask:

What makes the Czech republic such a popular destination for international students?

The Czech republic is located in the center of Europe, which makes it a strategical place for traveling around Europe. Due to its rich over 1 000 year long history, it offers a lot of historical monuments and is part of UNESCO heritage site. The Czech republic is a small country, therefore everything is relatively near by. It has easily accesible diverse ecosystem, such as mountains, fields, moravian vyneards, forests.

The Czech republic is one of the safest countries in the world. It is also known for its national kitchen, beer and affordable prices.

Why study at Charles University in Prague?

Charles University has over 7 000 international students, studying at 17 faculties, many of them within the Erasmus+ programme. The university was founded in 1348, making it one of the oldest universities in the world. Nowadays renowned as a modern, dynamic, cosmopolitan and prestigious institution of higher education, number one of czech universities and accrording to the Academic Ranking of World Universities - the “Shanghai League”, which every year compares more than 1,000 of the world’s best universities (selected from a total of over 17,000 institutions), has repeatedly included Charles University in the third hundred.

Besides, most of the Charles University faculties are situated in Prague, historical city with dynamic cultural life and affordable prices, selected as the most beautiful city of the world for 2021.

Why study at Faculty of Physical Education and Sport?

Since 1965, Faculty of Physical Education and Sport has been o­ne of the 17 faculties of Charles University, it has signed agreements with other faculties from countries around the world and it became part of Erasmus, Erasmus Mundus and Mobility international projects.

Faculty provides theoretical and practical courses taught in English within the study programmes of Physical Education and Sport, Physiotherapy, Sport management and Kinantropology in bachelor, master and doctoral level.

Every semester faculty accepts about 50 international students. Besides the studies, Internatonal office, Esn organisation and Buddy team prepares a programme of different activities to make your semester even more enjoybale.

What academic degrees are awarded by Charles University in Prague?

Bachelor degree, Master degree and Ph.D. degree are awarded by Charles University.

Bachelor (3 years) and Master Degrees (2 years) are considered as undergraduate degrees (in some countries. Master degree is called a graduate degree), Ph.D. is postgraduate (doctoral) degree.

What can you study in English at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport?

The Faculty of Physical Education offers:

  • Bachelor´s level: Coach, Fitness coach and Physiotherapy

  • Master´s level: Applied Sport Science and Applied Physiotherapy

  • PhD level: Kinanthropology

What languages are courses taught in?

Most of the courses are avilable in czech language, but Faculty provides wide range of courses in all academic levels (mentioned above) in English.

What teaching and exam methods are used?

At Faculty the of most courses use teaching methods such as lectures, seminars, tutorials, laboratory sessions, field trips and clinical practice. The assessments are usually oral or written exams.

Does the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport accept mature (older) students?

Faculty of Physical Education and Sport is looking forward to accepting all students whatever their background is. So applications from older students are welcomed if required academic qualiications are valued.

I was studying a field related to o­ne of your degree programmes (the one I wish to study at your faculty). Can the subjects I completed before be recognized?

Yes, if the subjects were part of a programme provided by an institution of an university status. You are requested to send us a detailed syllabus with the course descriptions, so that your previous study could be compared to our programme.

Do you run any part-time courses for international students?

No, all courses usually last for defined semester period. However faculty provides wide range of lifelong courses open to public.

Do you offer any scholarships for international students?

Most international students who come to study in the Czech Republic pay Tuition fees. Unfortunately, Charles University itself does not offer any scholarship for international students. We recommend to consult it with your home institution.

  • Academic scholarship - high-achieving Students can receive 20 000 CZK based on grade average results.

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