Tuition Fees

Currently, the Faculty offers the following study programmes in English language:




220000 CZK


160000 CZK

Fitness Coach

160000 CZK


Physical Education and Sport

160000 CZK


220000 CZK

MA Sports Ethics and Integrity

€ 9 000

The tuition fee must always be paid prior to the commencement of the academic year.

Please use the Student ID and student’s full name as a reference to the payment and make sure you send the confirmation of the payment to: .

1) Payment in full:

If you are studying in both semesters then payment must be made in full prior to enrolment into study. If you are studying only one semesters, 50% of the annual tuition fee must be paid prior to the commencement of the semester.

2) *Payment in two instalments:

Payment in maximum of two instalments can be agreed upon. If interested in this payment option, please contact at least 30 days before matriculation.

In the case of agreeing upon this option, the first payment must be made prior to enrolment into study (by 24th September 2020) and the second payment is to be made by the end of January 2021.

*The option to pay by instalment is not available to:

1. Any student with fees outstanding from previous years; 2. Any student who has repeatedly defaulted on instalments in the past; 3. Sponsors (not family or friends) - invoice terms are strictly 30 days.

3) Sponsors to pay for your fees:

Full amount of the annual tuition fee must be made by 31st August.


I only study one subject per semester, do I still have to pay the full amount?

Student must pay tuition fees per each semester which s/he had commenced. The full amount must be paid even in case of studying one subject. The payment is not required only in case of having finished all the courses except Final State Examination and Thesis Defence.

Will I get a refund if suspended/ leave the study?

If the student leaves the studies during the academic year, there is no possibility for a refund of the fee, not even of a proportional part. The student suspended from the study in the course of the academic year will not receive a refund of the fee from the Faculty.


The fees are to be paid through a bank transfer. You are kindly requested to cover all bank operation fees related to the transfer, so the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport will receive the full amount.

When making the bank order, state the student‘s full name to Details of Payment/Reference and choose the correct option referring to the bank operation fees.

For example:

Payer type: OUR - BEN - SHA

The correct option is: "OUR" - all fees are paid by the payment's sender

Note: Once you make the payment, please send its confirmation to this email:

Owner of the Bank Account:

Faculty of Physical Education and Sport

Charles University,

José Martího 31, 162 52 Praha 6

Czech Republic

Address of the Bank:

Komerční banka,

Dejvická 5, 160 59 Praha 6

Czech Republic



Account Number for payments in CZK

174 - 85332011/0100

IBAN: CZ56 0100 0001 7400 8533 2011

Last change: June 1, 2020 14:10 
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