Academic Calendar

Semester system

Academic year at Faculty of Physical Education and sport is divided into two semestres (60 ECTS). Courses normally last for one semester only.

ECTS credits

As most other European universities, the Faculty of Physical eduction and Sports uses the ECTS credit system.

ECTS credits are numerical values allocated to course units to describe the student workload required to complete them in the form of lectures, practical work, seminars, individual work and examinations or other assessment activities (consult with SIS).

In the ECTS system, 60 ECTS credits represent the workload of a full academic year of study and are required to complete the studies.

Winter semester: (October- January)

  • 12 teaching weeks

  • Christmas vacation

  • 2 teaching weeks

  • Approximately 4 weeks of examination period (January- February)*

Summer semester (February- June):

  • 9 teaching weeks

  • Easter vacation

  • 5 teaching weeks

  • Approximately 8 weeks of the 1st examination period (June)*

Summer Vacation (July-September/ October)

  • Approximately 3 weeks of the reexamination period (September) *

*Please refer to individual academic year calendars for specific exam, Christmas and Easter vacation dates.

Schedule 2022-2023

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