Fitness Coach

About the Programme Fitness Coach

Bachelor Degree (3 years full-time)

Graduate profile

The graduate student in the Fitness Coach study program is an expert in constructing and implementing fitness programs. The graduate has the knowledge from pedagogy, psychology, biomedicine, sport training and nutrition. This knowledge of general didactic principles enables the graduate to create and apply fitness and movement programs with various goals for various groups and populations.

Programme characteristics

A task of the new Study Programme is to meet the demand for an education of fitness coaches who do not have ambitions to become a physical education teachers. The study programme focuses on key aspects of development biomotor abilities. The study plan consists of the theoretical courses from field of pedagogy-psychology, physiology and adaptation, biomechanics and sport training. Subsequently, theoretical foundations are applied and specified in practically oriented courses from area of strengthening, athletics, gymnastics and other sport areas. The graduate has the ability to understand the complexity of development of general and specific biomotor abilities. The graduate is eligible to create and apply movement programs with specific goal and target group.

The design of the study plan enables to understand necessary principles from area of applied sport sciences alongside with development of basic movement skills first (during first and partially second year of the study), and their application in specific didactic courses is covered later (second and third year) alongside with sport practice.

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