About the Programme Coach

Bachelor Degree (3 years full-time)

Graduate profile

The graduate student in the Coach study programme is an expert in general sports training in addition to a specific sport. The graduate has the knowledge in the field of pedagogy, psychology, biomedicine, sport training and didactic progressions in their specific sport. This knowledge enables the graduate to plan and implement training programs in their specific sport in all age categories and all sport performance levels.

Programme characteristics

A task of the new Study Programme is to meet the demand for an education of coaches who do not have ambitions to become a physical education teachers. All the students in the area of Physical Education and Sport have been educated and prepared so far for the career of physical education teachers. The aim of the Programme is to prepare experts in the area of a sport training with coaching and methodical, psychological, social, diagnostic and intervention competences in all levels of sport such as a professional one within their chosen branch of sport, sport for everyone and health reason physical activity programmes. The graduates are expected to be experts in the theoretical designing of training programmes, their application to the practical form of training using the didactic interaction with a specific group of population.

The design of the study plan enables to understand necessary principles from area of applied sport sciences alongside with development of basic movement skills first (during first and partially second year of the study). Their application in specific sport didactic courses is covered later (second and third year) alongside with sport practice.

Opened sport specializations for coaches:

Track and field


Swimming sports

Football (soccer)

Ice hockey





Combat sports

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