Sport Management – Master’s programme

About the Programme Sport Management

Master Degree (2 years full-time)

Graduate profile

Graduates of this study program have the prerequisites to conduct businessindependently in the field of sports, or to obtain top management positions inall types of sports organizations. They are equipped with key expertise tomanage sports organizations, sports facilities and sporting events. Theydemonstrate deep knowledge and understanding of current theoretical conceptsand methods in the field of sports management. They can independently identifyand define research problems in the field of sports, and use scientific methodsto obtain the new, necessary data needed to solve these problems. They canapply the acquired skills in for-profit and non-profit sports organizations, orpublic institutions working to improve the conditions for professional andamateur sport.

Programme characteristics

The Master's degree program aims to provide students with an in-depthunderstanding of the latest sport management strategies and develop the skillsneeded for the professional management of sport organisations and projects. Thegraduates will be able to perform activities such as planning, organizing,directing, controlling, budgeting, and evaluating in contexts related to alltypes of sports. The graduates will be able undertake systematic research intosport-related business and management issues, making selective and critical useof a range of business data, research sources and appropriate methodologies.

Sample of selected compulsory courses

Strategic Management, Management ofSport Organisations, Sport Event Management, Leadership in Sport Organisations,Sport Marketing, Public Relations of Sport Organisations, Social skills andpsychology of coaching, Sport Economics

Core learning outcomes:

  • independently determine and define thenature of sport problems and, on the basis of mastering and applying researchmethods, obtain new original information for solving sport management problems

  • solve independently defined problemsusing professional knowledge, methodological apparatus and research techniquesof marketing, behavioural and sociological research

  • prepare marketing plans and strategy forthe sport business sector

  • conceive and solve projects in the fieldof sport management, proposing innovative procedures

Sport Managament / Master's study programme

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