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23. května 2018

Behavior Change in Health and Physical Education

- Behavioral economics, habit formation and willpower depletion

Lecture by Elizabeth Hathaway, PhD, MPH, MEd

23.5.2018 at 15:30, room U18

How many times have we started out with the greatest of intentions for positively changing a health behavior (e.g., exercising more or eating better) only to end up on the couch alternating between bites of our favorite junk food and contemplations of what went wrong? Whether dealing with ourselves, family members, students or clients most can agree changing health-related behaviors are hard. We tend to view ourselves as more rational than we are, underestimate the struggles of delaying gratification and fail to understand the power of habits. The topics of behavioral economics, willpower depletion and habit formation provide helpful insight to better equip us for attempting to tackle long-term behavior change.

Elizabeth Hathaway, PhD, MPH, MEd

Assistant Professor, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

Chattanooga, TN, USA

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