Body Ecology by Physical, Adapted & Sport Activity

The French National Centre for Scientific Research (Centre national de la recherche scientifique - CNRS) includes a programme of four-year awards - Groupement de Recherche International (GDRI). A GDRI is an International Research Network, gathering research teams in European and non-European countries. Its activities are coordinated by a scientific committee.

GDRI 836: Body Ecology by Physical, Adapted & Sport Activity (BE-PASA) is an international network co-ordinated by Bernard Andrieu, of the University of Paris Descartes (France), working on the topic “Health and Wellbeing” considered from the viewpoints of philosophy, ethics and human sciences, according to the paradigm of body ecology.

The network is dedicated to the coordination of research activities dealing with the international development of body ecology: body practices including disability or adapted sport, comparative conceptions of body ecology in different cultures, and sustainable sport initiatives, in which empirical applications are focused on collaborative exchanges of ecological experience.

The project is described in detail at:

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